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Artisan skills and 4.0 technology together for better products

Design of decorative and utilitarian products incorporating materials with identity potential, such as natural fibers, native woods, etc., and transforming them with technological processes typical of industry 4.0, (laser cutting, CNC routing, prototyping for molds, etc.)

These objects were designed in an exercise of co-design and co-development with organizations of artisans of the sector, who look for ways to improve their trade and be more competitive in the market.

bags made of natural fibers and fabrics "fique"

Artisan skills and 4.0 technology together for better products

manufacture of bags, using the fique, which is a natural fiber, typical of South America.

Handmade macramé fabrics and paintings of abstractions taken from pre-Columbian icons are implemented

  • Design
  • Arts and crafts
  • Alternative raw materials
  • NEO Crafts

Design Ceramic Accessories

Creative exploration of clay and its possibilities as a jewelery accessory

From cultural references, and from an exercise of geometric abstraction, new formal proposals are generated to reconfigure graphically and three-dimensionally, icons and symbols of an ethnic festivity

In addition, the plastic possibilities offered by the clay are exploited by being modeled, subtracting shapes with dies that will then be vitrified

  • Ceramic Design
  • modeled by hand
  • Vitrified
  • ethnic art