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Alternative wood as raw material

The personalized and exclusive design seeks to generate preference belonging through the use of raw materials with the potential of cultural and ethnic identity

Bamboo is a raw material that offers endless possibilities for the design of furniture, it is also an abundant crop that favors the soil and generates better microclimates

Creative Furniture

various projects tailor-made furniture

Furniture made by hand, with design standards for industrial production; to provide new alternatives for consumers interested in "Not so commercial" products.

Structurally, it is a resistant, lightweight and slender object, thanks to the creative way in which its structure is projected from sheets of steel.

  • Design
  • Registered Industrial Design
  • ACAD, 3DMAX Modeled and renderized
  • Sustainable Design

Sustainable furniture design

RE RE RE Design - Tire rubber as raw material

Experimental directed academic project, which sought to provide design solutions, with manual-mechanical manufacturing standards. to give an ecological way out to waste tires.

Project in development and refinement process for series production.

  • Academic project
  • Directed and coordinated project
  • Focused on sustainability
  • Real prototyping and real scale