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Chair without fittings or adjustment elements

Chair made of straight laminar elements, which are self-locking together, eliminating the need to use nuts, screws, nails or glue.

This project seeks to be more sustainable, optimizing production processes, rationalizing the use of raw materials and minimizing manufacturing operations and waste generation.

"Bámbola" Bench

Design projected by self-structuring sheets

Industrial Design characterized by minimization in the use of raw materials, optimization of production processes, and the inclusion of natural elements such as bamboo to provide identity and exclusivity.

Structurally, it is a resistant, lightweight and slender object, thanks to the creative way in which its structure is projected from sheets of steel.

  • Design
  • Registered Industrial Design
  • ACAD, 3DMAX Modeled and renderized
  • Sustainable Design

Laminated paper sheet mechanical cleaner

Specialized machine design

Specialized design for packaging company; it is an arrangement of cylinders that pull and separate small particles of ground coffee, from sheets of metallized paper, used to make bags of various sizes.

Project in development and refinement process for series production.

  • Academic project
  • Directed and coordinated project
  • Focused on specialized industry
  • ACAD, 3D MAX Modeled and renderized

Preparation system of dog feces for disposal in Biodigestor

Innovator machines for solving ecological problems

Proposal for the construction of a device that prepares plastic bags with dog feces, produced in urban spaces, to achieve a homogeneous mixture that is easily decomposed within a biodigestion system.

Manual and mechanical transmission system, to be located in parks and streets of the city of Medellín

  • Academic Project
  • Graduation project Directed
  • Machine and mechanisms design
  • ACAD, 3D MAX, SKETCHUP drawing and render

Alternative Transportation Design

Machine, mechanism and vehicule design

Exploration results in design to project alternative means of transport.

Modeling and prototyping to scale, and ergonomic analysis of the proposed alternatives. Academic project directed.

  • Vehicle Design
  • Academic project directed
  • Real Prototyping
  • Machine Design